To say the beginning of this year was tumultuous is an understatement.  I'm either in calmer waters or I'm so seasick that I don't know better.   

The lab is up and running (most of the time).  Between changing over to Windows 7 from XP and reimaging, I have lost student work, tried to teach a kindergarten class on a program that was no longer available to them, and even stumped the IT guys when Word wouldn't open, only to find out that the  first-time user window popped up behind the student Novell window.  I won't even mention what the possessed printer does...

I have taught myself the basics of ten different programs, and gotten to know a few quite well (iStation and, with others waiting for more attention (Hitachi's Star Board and Safari Montage).  I've watched countless tutorial videos, attended a mind-boggling visit to a nearby district which has worked through many of the kinks with managing Apple's Volume Purchasing Program.

I have implemented a weekly Digital Deal sharing one professional resource, one iPad app, and one Web 2.0 tool.  It is posted on our schoolwide collaborative site where I'm sure no one reads it.  Plan B implementation starts this week.  Perhaps I just need a different marketing strategy.  I had two visitors for our bi-weekly iShare time, and although it was a small groups, I feel confident that the quick sharing by others is worth its time.  

This week I begin meeting with my 5th grade field reporters to teach them how to look for news stories and film basics.  Not gonna lie.  I'm excited!  If each student could just report on one story and share it with the school, I will deem that undertaking successful.  However, with technology, I'm learning that what should be simple, usually isn't.  

This Friday, I conduct my first Lunch Shift 21 PLN gathering during each grade-level's lunch.  It's totally voluntary, and is centered around growing as a 21st century teacher.  First order of business:  get Twitter accounts open and following fellow professionals with similar interests.  

I'm just hoping that my ship stays afloat enough to keep moving in unchartered waters with time to swab the deck when things get rough.  

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